Monday, 22 May 2017

Car Seat Massager in Pakistan

Car Seat Massager in Pakistan

he Car Seat Massager will help you facilitate your spinal pains by tenderly expanding blood dissemination and rubbing. money saver

Key Features: 

* 5 Individual Zones Massage 

* Soothing Vibration Massage 

* Massages Lower and Upper Back 

* With Relaxing Heat Soothing .online shopping in pakistan

* With Inflatable Cushion Lumbar 

* Can be utilized as a part of Office Chair, Home Recliner Chair in Car 

* With 12V connector in Car .amazon pakistan

* With Strapping for Elastic Back Strap on any seat 

* Controller Pocket Storage 

This Vibration Back Car Seat Massager in Pakistan accompanies a connector unique so you can use in your autos too. 

Directions of Use 

The Car Seat Massager works vibration work fundamentally on which expands blood flow in key zones like back, lower and thighs, in which muscles get confined because of sitting extended periods. Additionally, the warmth alleviating and lumbar inflatable pad make it an unquestionable requirement have at your home. 

1. Unload the Car Seat Massager from the item box. 

2. Interface the AC wire of the Car Seat Massager to the AC supply. Sit on a couch or seat and strap the seat on the massager. 

3. The Power catch Press on the Car Seat Massager board. 

4. You can turn on the three back rub choice zones, A for every your solace. 

5. You can turn on the warmth choice in this Car Seat Massager. Likewise, you can over and again press the Inflate catch to fill in air in the lumbar territory. 

6. Utilize the 12V auto connector of the Back Seat Massager to use in your auto. 

7. After utilize unplug the AC wire of the Car Seat Massager and store securely.

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