Monday, 22 May 2017

SNAP N GRIP in Pakistan

SNAP N GRIP in Pakistan


Two widespread wrenches that adjust to a wide range of fasteners and nuts. With only one hand development! Compelling, down to earth, light weight framework. Perfect pipes, carpentry, mechanical and cultivate work. money saver

Snap'n Grip is an inventive arrangement of 2 widespread wrenches that consolidate the firm hold you get from a ring spanner without breaking a sweat of access of an open-finished spanner. online shopping in pakistan

You'll have the capacity to fix and extricate a wide range of screws and nuts paying little heed to the size, on the grounds that Snap'n Grip torques change in accordance with all sizes!amazon pakistan 

They are the answer for your issues with taps, valves, pipes and channeling, radiators boilers, wheels, and so forth and state of fasteners and nuts, paying little heed to whether they are round or hexagonal, or even pipes! SNAP N GRIP in Pakistan

The mystery is their self-altering innovation, which enables them to consequently adjust to the size 

Incorporates: SNAP N GRIP

1 x extensive Snap n Grip 

1 x little Snap n Grip

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